Villa Rates

In Season October thru April

  • One Week $3600.00
  • Two Weeks $5600.00
  • Three Weeks $7600.00
  • Four Weeks $8500.00

Off Season May thru September

  • One Week $2600.00
  • Two Weeks $3200.00
  • Three Weeks $3900.00
  • Four Weeks $4900.00


You are responsible for the purchase of all Food. The Cook will shop for you if you like, or you may shop yourself. If you are staying for a week or more arrangements can be made to have your produce and fresh fish delivered to the Villa. Be sure and check prices.

...The Villa has a charming, professional staff of four who will make your stay very special...

To make arrangements for food shopping before arrival call Cassie, the Housekeeper at 1.876.953.2460. She will make arrangements with the cook, Bajee.

You will have a staff of four. Cassie is the housekeeper, the best on the island, and a very special person. The cook Bajee is very accommodating and will cook any of your requests. Jason is your server/barman, pool man and gardener. Miss Coolie is the laundress. You will always have fresh linens, towels and personal laundry. Miss Coolie works 6 days a week. All other staff works 7 days a week. The Staff loves being able to accommodate your needs and make your stay special. Cassie will gladly help you with any arrangements you may want to make.

Tipping: Each staff member must receive a minimum of $5.00 per day from each guest. If you feel the service has been wonderful and I am sure you will. Extra would be very gratefully received. Life on the Island is very hard.

“Have a delightful & relaxing stay”